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OH&S, Environment and Quality Policies

●OH&S Policy

Contribute to society by ensuring a comfortable working environment whilst enforcing safety and health matters under our fundamental policy “Prioritize Safety Over Everything” through undertaking of our construction activities to:

  1. Comply with all requirements of OH&S laws, regulations and other relevant standards.
  2. Eliminate occupational illness through continually improving daily safety & health promotional activities and continually utilizing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in cooperation with our business partners.
  3. Ensure staff and workers' health by placing strict advisory control on health care activities including any additional detailed medical examination as may be required.

●Environmental Policy

The following environmental principles have been established in order to preserve a healthy and fruitful environment for posterity by enhancing knowledge and developing technologies for harmonious coexistence with the global environment in order to harmonize with nature:

  1. Comply with all requirements of environmental laws and regulations.
  2. Make every effort to reduce any adverse effects on the environment, to conserve biodiversity, to prevent environmental pollution and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through continual improvement of our environmental control activities.
  3. Contribute to society through voluntary activities in respect of environmental issues in collaboration with every community, taking a proactive approach to promote environmental protection, positive environmental development and environmentally friendly activities.

●Quality Policy

The following quality principles have been established based on the Toa Corporation philosophy:

  1. Obtain customer satisfaction by providing a high quality product through the use of our sophisticated technologies.
  2. Satisfy the requirements of customers and society through observing full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations to the full extent of our capabilities.
  3. Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and business operation.

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